7 perfect places to take Sonnenglas this summer

Dazzling blue skies, glittering warm water, the lush scent of coconut sunscreen floating on the salty summer breeze... Time to dust off your sunnies and start planning some weekend getaways!

There are so many exciting summertime excursions to choose from and Sonnenglas makes a worthy companion on every trip. Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine – our practical and beautiful solar lanterns add an extra dash of magic to any little adventure you take them on.

1. The cottage

The cottage is the ultimate playground for you and your Sonnenglas! After soaking up the sun all day, your lanterns will be fully charged to light up your evening activities. String them up over the patio for a BBQ, cradle them in your hammock while you strum the guitar, or scatter them around the dock to illuminate a midnight dip in the lake. Their wire handles make Sonnenglas easy to hang up or carry around, so the possibilities are endless! After your last late-night s'more at the fire pit, take your lantern back inside and cuddle up with a good book in its cozy glow.

Sonnenglas glows around the cottage campfire

2. Hiking

Sonnenglas transforms every forest into an enchanted forest. You might think wandering through the woods by lantern light is a bit old-fashioned, but it’s such a magical experience – especially when you reach that summit! Add some fairytale lighting to an already breathtaking view and you've got yourself a truly unforgettable twilight. Our lanterns are as rugged as they are beautiful, so rest assured that they can handle the trip. Set one down on the rocks and savor the stunning natural light show as the sun goes down.

Let Sonnenglas illuminate a magical hike

3. The beach

Everyone loves a good smoky, sparkly beach bonfire. Alas, beauty can be dangerous. With bans on open fires being enforced throughout the season, how can you safely put the spark back in your seaside soirées? With the warm glow of solar lanterns, of course! The only thing more bewitching than firelight is bottled sunshine, so arrange some Sonnenglas in the sand and laze away a gorgeous summer evening chatting with friends as the waves roll in and out. Remember to take a lantern with you if you go scavenging for shells and sea glass too – it will give you lovely lamplight and an ideal jar for storing your tiny treasures!

Bottled sunshine for sandy summer nights

4. A treehouse

Treehouses aren't just for kids! Trendy and luxurious treehouse rentals are springing up everywhere these days. From cozy traditional sky-cabins to trippy contemporary spheres, there’s a myriad of exciting options for spending an adventurous night up in the trees. Just search "treehouse" on Airbnb and get booking! If you're up for an overseas flight and touch of intrigue, the Lion Sands game reserve in South Africa gives you a rare opportunity to sleep amongst the wildlife. Most treehouse resorts don’t have electricity, but you can count on Sonnenglas to light your way.

Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia / © Matthew Grapengieser

5. Boating/paddling

Not only do our lanterns set a magical mood, they're also completely waterproof. What perfect lighting for a sunset cruise on the water! Host a nautical party and dot some lanterns around the deck of your boat to illuminate a sensational night of laughter and stargazing with friends. If you prefer some romantic solitude, nestle one in the front of your canoe for an idyllic meander down the river. (For those living the trendy desert life or lacking watercraft, poolside Sonnenglas is equally delightful!)

Boating with friends at sundown / © Maxi am Brunnen

6. The park

Trapped in the urban jungle? Keep it simple and bike on over to your local park to enjoy a whimsical picnic on the grass. You bring the homemade iced tea and Sonnenglas will bring the charm! Picnicking is a classic summertime activity that can be enjoyed by families and friends alike, and it’s also a super romantic date idea. An intimate dinner under the twinkling stars bathed in dreamy lantern light is guaranteed to make your date swoon. No need to start packing up when the sun goes down either – our lanterns keep glowing all night long!

Sonnenglas brings the charm to summer picnics

7. Glamping

Glamping is luxury camping for adventurers who prefer to rough it in style. After picking a highly Instagrammable destination, go ahead and add the glamour to your getaway by packing way more than the essentials. Got your Bluetooth speaker, some gourmet marshmallows, and a deluxe Lotus Belle yurt decked out with bunting and fairy lights? Excellent! Now hang some sparkling Sonnenglas in that canopy of opulence, because when it comes to glamplife there is no such thing as overdoing it. (And if the batteries die for your lavish string lights, those solar-powered lanterns will save the night!)

Rough it in style with elegant solar lanterns

Author: Vanessa Reid