Featured Tablescape: Seaside Sunset by Leslie Saeta

This interview is part of a series highlighting the most impressive Sonnenglas tablescapes of 2018. Join us for an inspiring little peek behind-the-scenes with the creative hostesses who designed them!

With sea foam lapping the shore and a pastel sunset melting over the horizon, the California coastline provided the dreamiest backdrop for an oceanfront dinner at Leslie Saeta's beach house in Ventura last summer.

Down by the water's edge, a table draped in blue patterned linen was enchantingly illuminated by a glowing cloud of Sonnenglas lanterns that sparkled with frosty sea glass as they floated above a lush centerpiece of fresh hydrangeas.

We chatted with Leslie about her surreal seaside tablescape and got the inside scoop on how she created such a magical atmosphere!

What inspired the design of this tablescape?

I have always wanted to host a dinner on the beach in front of our beach house but I wasn’t sure about having enough light. When I saw the Sonnenglas lights, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

What's your favorite element of the design?

The setting was surreal. The sunset was spectacular and there wasn’t a person to be seen anywhere. It was wonderful and better than I imagined.

Why did you pick this particular location for the table?

I wanted to have dinner with my family on the beach, next to the ocean.

What was on the menu?

We made crab cakes, artichokes, grilled steaks, and salad. And homemade apple pie for dessert!

How did you build the lighting rig?

To be honest, my son's girlfriend and I struggled at first. Fortunately, my husband and three sons came home and they took over the installation. We used four metal poles and wire and some string and stakes to secure the poles.

What design challenges were involved in setting this up on a beach?

I was a bit worried about the wind because Ventura can be windy, but it was perfect. The lights did pull down the wires a bit but we were able to pull the wire tighter which was perfect!

Why did you choose to style your lanterns with sea glass?

I have collected sea glass on our beach for years. It’s really special to me and I wanted to add it for some sparkle!

How did the Sonnenglas lanterns add to the ambiance?

Oh my gosh, the lanterns created the ambiance! It was so incredible.

How did your guests or followers react to this tablescape?

My sons kept saying that they couldn’t believe I created this dinner setting! It made me so happy to create this environment.

What's your favorite thing about dining outdoors?

The entire beach became our dining room. The sound of the waves crashing was amazing!

Do you have any more creative tablescapes planned for this summer?

Last summer I created two outside dining rooms in our backyard. I am going to host one under our oak tree in Waco and absolutely host another one at the beach! Of course, I have a few other secrets planned...

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Author: Vanessa Reid