Five romantic ideas for Valentine's Day

Our Sonnenglas is not only an environmentally friendly source of light, it also offers great opportunities to get creative. Here are five simple and beautiful ways you can use your sun jar for Valentine's Day

1. Picnic in Nature

No matter how cold it is - a lovingly arranged picnic in nature is super romantic. Take one or more Sonnenglasses with you and fill them with sand or other natural materials. The warm light creates a cosy atmosphere while you enjoy the sunset together.

2. Love Message Treasure Hunt

Go on a treasure hunt at home or in the garden. Hide little notes with love messages or sweet surprises in a Sonnenglas. Each jar leads your partner to the next clue until he or she finds the final surprise. This is not only exciting, but also a very personal way to show your love.

3. DIY lantern as a gift

Decorate a Sonnenglas yourself and turn it into your unique love story. You can paint the glass or put photos in it. This will turn the Sonnenglas into a very personalised lamp that will remind you of your time together every day.

4. Romantic Bath

Surprise your partner with a relaxing bath in the soft light of Sonnenglas. Place one or more solar lanterns around the bath. This creates a magical atmosphere for a peaceful and romantic evening.

5. Glowing heart

Arrange several sun glasses in the shape of a heart on the floor, for example in the garden or on the balcony. This glowing heart shape is a beautiful gesture that is sure to create an unforgettable moment.

With these ideas, you can use the sun jar to express your love in a creative and beautiful way. Let your imagination run wild and make this Valentine's Day something very special.

Author: Julia Akra-Laurien

Photos: Tanja Tirle