**Three creative gift ideas with Sonnenglas for a sustainable Christmas **

This year we're giving zero-waste gifts with heart and a pinch of creativity

This year, we're all about sustainable and creative gift-giving. In our new blog article, we present three ideas on how you can use the sun jar not only as a loving gift, but also as environmentally friendly gift packaging. Find out how the sun jar not only brings light to your loved ones, but also secures fair jobs in Johannesburg.

1. Give the Gift of a Mini Greenhouse

Surprise your loved ones with a mini greenhouse in a Sun Jar, perfect for plant enthusiasts. Follow the instructions from Jenni at mehralsgruenzeug.com to create a small ecosystem in the jar. Fill the jar with soil, stones, moss, and your favorite plant. Complete the gift with a self-written care guide – a truly special Christmas present.

2. For do-it-yourselfers: Order unpackaged Sonnenglas and make your own gift bag (no sewing required)

Ordering our Sonnenglas without packaging is always a good idea. It saves resources and protects the environment. Of course, packaging is always welcome as a gift - and if it's homemade and reusable, all the better! We discovered these great instructions for turning an old T-shirt into a bag that can then be used for shopping, wrapping or re-gifting.

3. Joy in a jar: Choose Sonnenglas as a gift wrap and fill it Personally

If you're planning to gift our Sonnenglas, fill it with personal items straight from the heart. Turn the actual gift into the ultimate gift wrap! Ideas for filling are endless: notes with wishes, affirmations as suggested by Natalie at Plantifulmind, homemade cookies, memory photos, fortune cookies, small figures, or special cosmetic items as recommended by Laura at The OGNC. The Sonnenglas becomes a unique gift wrap for a truly one-of-a-kind present.

Merry sustainable gifting!

Autorin: Julia Akra-Laurien

Fotos: Mehralsgruenzeug.com, The OGNC, Plantifulmind