SONNENGLAS® stands for sustainable, ecological design.

We consider it imperative to think in an eco-friendly manner from the early stage of product development. Our innate responsibility to protect our planet starts right there. It is, indeed, one of our goals to leave our world in a better condition than we found it in.

Developing our SONNENGLAS® under the highest quality standards is a must for us, and by providing the maximum life span, it leaves the tiniest ecological footprint possible. The following initiatives are to support our promise to you:


Your SONNENGLAS® comes with a one-year warranty. You can extend this warranty free of charge - up to two years - within two months after purchase. Just register your solar lantern by using the serial number on the white sticker at the bottom of the lid. This number does not only mark your SONNENGLAS® as a unique handmade item. It also entitles you to our full support.

Our warranty promise: all technical components will be exchanged by us immediately and without questioning. Find out more about out warranty here:scr



To prevent our products from ending up as electronic waste after a long service life, we take care of our SONNENGLAS® lanterns even after the warranty has expired by offering a solar module upgrade. This is made possible by our product design, which allows the electronic components to be replaced. The glass and metal components will probably last for decades.

If the electronics in SONNENGLAS® are approaching the end of their service life or become obsolete through technical progress, the old solar module can be returned to us. We will reward the return with a discount of € 5 / CHF 5.90 on a new solar module. After the serial number has been registered, the upgrade module is again covered by our 2-year warranty. SONNENGLAS® thus becomes a light for life, and we will ensure that the old module is reused, or correctly recycled if reuse is no longer possible.

To return an old solar module and receive our discount, we require an email with the serial number of the solar lantern and the subject "Solar Module Upgrade Program" at [email protected].