Bright News: SONNENGLAS Wins BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023

A new accolade for our Sonnenglas Generation 6 product family - with the highest score

We have exciting news to share – our Sonnenglas Generation 6 products have won the international design award, BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023! What's even more thrilling is that SONNENGLAS received the highest score.

Behind the Scenes of BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023

The BIG SEE Product Design Awards ceremony took place this year as part of the "Month of Design." Organized by the renowned network BIG, the BIG SEE Design Week was held in Ljubljana, bringing creative minds from 21 countries in and around Southeastern Europe together to celebrate the region's dynamism. Being one of the most coveted design awards, we feel incredibly honored that the independent jury of international experts awarded us the highest possible score in the "Home" category, a subcategory of "Product Design." The evaluation criteria included ergonomics, aesthetics, ethics & ecology, emotion, and business potential. This recognition underscores our efforts to blend sustainable design with functionality and style.

SONNENGLAS Generation 6 - More Than Just a Lantern

Our latest innovation, the SONNENGLAS SOMO Solar Module of Generation 6, not only captured the hearts and minds of our jury but also stands as a shining testament to fair trade and sustainability. With a runtime of up to 100 hours and a brightness of up to 100 lumens, it illuminates both interiors and nature alike! This groundbreaking technology allows for variable brightness, ensuring the perfect ambiance every time.

But that's not all: The SOMO solar module is now independent of the glass, making it pocket-sized and portable. And on cloudy days, it can be conveniently charged via the USB-C port, ensuring continuous illumination. The SOMO module is compatible with all existing SONNENGLAS lanterns and is now available separately as both Classic and Mini in our shop.

Sonnenglas – A Radiant Example of Fair Trade and Sustainability

Sonnenglas is not just an innovative solar lantern; it's a shining testament to social responsibility and sustainability. Each Sonnenglas is meticulously handcrafted in our own Fair Trade project in Johannesburg, South Africa. This endeavor has transformed the lives of 65 previously unemployed individuals, providing them with secure jobs and a sustainable future.

For those in townships without regular electricity, Sonnenglas offers an emissions-free, reliable, independent, and above all, safe source of light. The solar lantern comprises a glass container and cutting-edge solar panels. We've combined these elements into a sleek and ingenious design, earning us the prestigious BIG SEE Design Award. This proves that environmental responsibility and stylish design not only coexist but thrive hand in hand within our Sonnenglas.

We champion innovation, design, Fair Trade, and sustainability to make the world a bit brighter and fairer. The Sonnenglas Generation 6 product family is more than just a lantern – it's a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. We are proud to have won the BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023, and we want to thank each and every one of you! Thanks to our wonderful Sonnenglas community and your support, this exciting journey wouldn't have been possible.

Autorin: Julia Akra-Laurien

Fotos: Dominik Čepon, Sonnenglas