5 Ideas for Decorating Your Sonnenglas This Autumn

Autumn is finally here. As the leaves slowly turn from luscious greens to vibrant yellows, the whole world seems to start to glow in the colors of the sun. For those who love decorating, autumn is one of the best times of the year, because it offers so many possibilities to decorate your home. One of the best decorating strategies is to transform what you already have, which is why we’ve brought you our favorite eco-friendly fall decorating tips to make your SONNENGLAS® shine warm and cozy throughout autumn.

1. A glass full of chestnuts

With the wind rustling through the trees, now is the best time to look for chestnuts as they fall easily from the swaying branches. Chestnuts can be useful in all sorts of fun, fall decorative crafts, and they also look very nice when you display them in your SONNENGLAS®.

2. Pinecones galore

Another fun fall decorative item that is easy to gather on an afternoon walk is pinecones! If you gather pinecones for your home, you can perfectly use them for decorating your SONNENGLAS® and create a cozy atmosphere as the light bounces off their unique shapes.

3. Memories of summer

If you enjoy collecting and drying flowers or fruit during summer, you can now enjoy using them as decoration. Textured and vibrant, decorating with dried fruit and flowers is a fun way to evoke memories of summer. Let them glow in your SONNENGLAS®, so they serve as a reminder that after the cold months gentle spring will be coming back.

4. Bring the forest inside

In addition to chestnuts and pinecones, there are plenty of other items you can gather from the forest floor, such as leaves, twigs and moss. You can easily paint and decorate them, or use them naturally for your SONNENGLAS®, and they are a simple way to bring the beauty of autumn into your home.

5. Orange treats of autumn

Physalis not only taste delicious, but the lamp-like cups of the fruit have a great bright orange color that when placed in your SONNENGLAS®, will make for a real eye-catcher.

Tell us how you will embellish your SONNENGLAS® in the autumn months, and share your photos on Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to your ideas and wish you a sunny autumn!