5 Sustainable Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is near. February 14 2018 is a very special day for all lovers. And how else could you show your love better to the most important person than with a nice gift or a surprise. Your gift can not only be beautiful, but sustainable at the same time. So, here are our top 5 green gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Fair trade flowers

A large colorful bouquet of flowers is probably the most classic gift for the "day of love". And the demand is correspondingly high. Asking for fair-trade flowers at the florist is definitely the most sustainable choice you can make. Because fairtrade does not just mean that your flowers have grown in compliance with strict environmental criteria. The workers of the fairtrade flower plantations grow the flowers under safe working conditions and at a fair wages. An overview of florists selling fairtrade flowers can be found on the homepage of Fair Trade certified and Fairtrade America.

They always look beautiful: Roses, Hyacinths and Ranunculus / © Annie Spratt

2. DIY – Romantic mixtape

You don’t need to spend money to make special gifts for your beloved ones. Homemade gifts are particularly original and it certainly comes from the bottom of your heart. How about making a romantic mixtape? You don’t know what a mixtape is? Okay, today, this would probably be called a playlist. But even in digital form you can create your soundtrack of your life, compile your personal love songs or summarize your most beautiful musical memories. You will find plenty of inspirations on the popular music streaming portals, in your record shop at the corner (if there is still one) and on selected music blogs such as indieshuffle.com by Jason Grishkoff, who is proudly South African, such as our solar lantern.

Killing me softly… Music says more than 1000 words… / © Namroud Gorguis

3. Just give away time

What if your sweetheart already has everything? Then you still have lots of gift opportunities for Valentine's Day because nothing is more precious than giving time. Take a long walk in the forest together, or look at a photo album of your memories together. Plant flowers instead of giving twelve sad tulips from the supermarket. Or even better: plant a tree. No matter what, the most important thing is to do it together. Following the motto of Anna Gavalda's wonderful novel „Hunting and Gathering“.

Sharing experiences and adventures connects each other / © Ryan Holloway

4. Green Candle Light Dinner

Or how about a romantic, sustainable dinner? Don’t worry. Just because it's green, it does not have to be exclusively broccoli with spinach and zucchini only. At dinegreen.com you will find "green" restaurants near you for an evening for two.

The way to a woman’s or a man's heart goes through his stomach / © Clem Onojeghuo

5. Turn the lights off, switch on the sun

You still looking for the right lighting to create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner? We have something for you ;-) A liter of sunlight for an unforgettable evening. SONNENGLAS® enlightens your dinner. And when you walk home, it guides you safely.

Enchants your nights: The SONNENGLAS lantern®