Life unplugged!

For years, there has been a movement of people wondering if life outside of "civilization" is possible. They are people who want to feel connected to nature and seek peace in places far from cities, independent of energy supply, internet and especially the hustle and bustle of our modern day world. Is such a life possible?   

Self-sufficient. Off-the-Grid. Independent. There are many words to describe the drive of people wondering what life outside of civilization looks like. What does it mean to live a life that is self-determined, free of electricity, Wi-Fi, but still maintains the necessities of modern day society? What is important in life and how do we want it to shape our existence?

Just get out

Those who want to live life in harmony with nature and without the negative effects of our civilized world, even if only temporarily, are asked fundamental questions. How do we heat our homes and water? What do we eat? Where does the electricity come from? How can we keep in touch with our loved ones? These thoughts are mainly derived from thoughts of self-sufficiency and a concern for the environment.

Camping - for many this is freedom. © Layne Lawson

Camping is a great example of this pursuit of meaning and the fundamental practices of early human life. Shoulder your backpack and tent, pack your belongings, lace your hiking boots and off you go.

A house on room size

The team at Minim Homes shows us that living in a home on wheels, in harmony with nature and completely independent IS possible! This company is on a mission “to bring value and joy to underutilized spaces through efficient and stunning design.” They build chic, self-sufficient tiny homes that are open, bright, available on foundation or wheels, reliable on or off-the grid, and customizable. If you are looking to live on the smallest surface possible, look no further. On 264 square feet, you will find everything you need to live. Not only are they sustainable and practical, they are look good too! Minim Home has won 3 American Institute of Architects awards for innovative design. This is a caravan home you can get excited about.

Maximum living on minimal space. © minimhome

For those who enjoy escaping the city but chose to use a tent instead, there are other practical ways to be self-sufficient and off-the-grid. One can make use of solar bags, solar chargers and/or solar power banks. Why not soak up the sun while hiking then use it in the evenings to write a few WhatsApp messages or to plan the route for the next day?

Let’s go out and enjoy the sun!